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ARAMED Accounting and Financing Company is a dynamic and diversified London -based holding company with an extensive investment portfolio of successful businesses and partnerships that operate across the London, the wider Middle East region, the United States of America and around the globe. 

ARAMED Accounting and Financing Company is a diversified investment holding company with operations covering a broad spectrum of activities including financial services, oil and gas, real estate development, telecommunications, trading and services. With a paid up capital of AED 4 billion with interests in real estate, construction, Oil & Gas, Health Sector, Manufacturing, trading & services, finance, ARAMED Accounting and Financing Company has over the years contributed positively and constructively to the development of the nation. Established in 1995, the Investment has diversified itself to form individual subsidiaries each operating independently and specializing in their field of expertise.

ARAMED Accounting and Financing Company has also established Joint Venture Companies with renowned International Partners like Siemens - one of the world's largest electrical engineering and electronics company, Al-SenKrupp - one of world's biggest technology Investments and Emkar - leaders in facilities and engineering services.

ARAMED Accounting and Financing Company is also currently engaged in the development of up-market and high rise real estate properties with foreign loan to companies engaged in profitable investment in the form of debt finance.

OUR FOCUS: Our focus is on maximizing each business opportunity that is presented to us, and creating mutually beneficial partnerships with like-minded companies and entrepreneurs, both in the Middle East and around the world. We work with our partners to create long-term business relationships, utilizing our expertise, professionalism and our network. As a social enterprise and impact investing company we offer a unique

answer to the problem of sustainability. This means that we place capital in businesses and other vehicles that are designed to generate tangible social impact as well as a financial return.

 At a time when UK was experiencing expansion and growth in Industrial sector, AIG was presented with new opportunities and opening new business ventures. AIG has consequently utilized its resources to invest in companies in the manufacturing, distribution service and consumer product sector. AIG's portfolio of holdings has always been adaptable to where it feels its largest opportunities are.

AIG's focus is to make any company we invest in a leader in its field, and to ensure this they utilize a five-point strategy which has proven to be both durable and adaptable:

- Install rigorous quality control regimes and standard operating procedures.

- Identify services that are needed in the Kingdom

- Establish a sound financial base, including strong local partnership

- Acquire the latest technology, usually by establishing a joint venture or entering a technical or distribution agreement with an international company.

- Employ only the most capable people, and make sure they are equipped with the most modern management techniques.

ARAMED Accounting and Financing Company has always seen the way ahead by focusing its resources on improving its performance in every possible direction, especially by providing strong encouragement to their most valuable resource, their employees, emphasizing on initiative and teamwork.

In all its operations, new or well established, quality is outstanding. To maintain quality AIG constantly upgrades its investment approach, as well as instituting strict control regimes. They have resisted the pressure to compromise on quality in a price-sensitive market, and in the long term it has proved the right approach. The future of the group lies in its readiness to diversify, to hire and train the best staff, and to maintain the quality of its products and services. AIG has shown that it possess the quality needed to succeed and, in the favorable business climate created by the UK , AIG has every confidence that it will continue to proper throughout the decades to come.

PROCESSING PLANT: This plant is used to recover oil from plastic with sufficient amount of gas which can be used to provide the necessary process heat. The plan will recover 47.5 Million Liters of heating oil per year and the plant will showcase innovative energy saving/production technologies enabling the plant to be a net exporters of electrical energy. 


ARAMED Accounting and Financing Company has worked with an innovative company that has put together a number of complementary technologies to reclaim semi-arid agricultural land. These technologies, such as producing water from the air, doubling the water storage capacity of the soil, cleaning up toxic or mineral poor soil, have been successfully tested and are now being implemented in several locations. The companies vision includes the development or expansion of rural villages through the revitalization of their agricultural land and development of all related infrastructure; homes, clinics, food processing plant, roads, recreational facilities, stores, places of worship, fire station, and Municipal offices. As part of the overall design concept the company is aim to develop self-sustaining renewable energy solutions and financing partners to realize these large infrastructure projects which AIG has been the “Funding Rock’ This company has access to complimentary technologies to be used – such as the ability to produce water from air, soil enrichment technologies that can help add value in agricultural element to solar park projects, making them more attractive in certain communities, and low cost road building technology that also reduces costs for projects away from major rod networks.

FUEL EFFICIENT 200 KWP COGENERATION UNITS Cogeneration (CHP) units produce both electricity and heat and is a proven renewable. Each CHP unit is modified to run on 60 less fuel. The thermal energy produced can also be sold on long-term basis, which pushes up the returns on each installed unit.  ARAMED Accounting and Financing Company is strongly funding this project for an agreed percentage returns annually.


• ARAMED Accounting and Financing Company facilitated mobilization of capital expenditure/investment in local and international private sector.

• Facilitated accelerated growth of local private sector cement industry by promoting four pioneer cement industries.

• Successful in raising funds as mandated syndicate financing arranger.

• As a profitable company it has been plowing back its profits for investment in new industrial ventures within the economy.

• Above 10,000 new jobs were created in large numbers of big and medium scale industrial enterprises promoted by ARAMED Accounting and Financing Company.